GESAMTKUNSTWERK – A Curated Exhibition on Vancouver Architecture and City-Building

BY Angie Holubowich
Vancity Buzz, March 21, 2014

You may not be able to say it, but Gesamtkunstwerk (pronounced ‘guess-amt-kunst-verk’) is best defined as the world through “total design” or  ”life as a total work of art”.

The integration of all the creative arts and scales of design. The German word was coined in the 1820′s and popularized by composer Richard Wagner.

The exhibit opens Saturday March 22 and will stay open until May 18, 2014. Admission is free-of-charge and will offer patrons an opportunity to explore the detailed plans for the site surrounding the Granville Street Bridge. Along with sketches and textile samples, the exhibit features scale models, videos, and guided, audio tours. Read more…


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