AIBC Council Summary: March 11, 2014

At its meeting on Tuesday, March 11, 2014, AIBC Council dealt with the following matters:

– A request from a member to appear as a delegation to council regarding honorary membership. Vice President Darryl Condon Architect AIBC provided background to the request, indicating that it had followed proper process.  The request was referred to the Recognition Committee by the Governance Committee, who had initially considered it.  A vote of council was taken, and the request was defeated.

– A submission presented by the Bylaw Review Committee regarding member feedback and survey results on the proposed bylaw amendment with respect to electronic voting.  The results suggest strong support for the initiative, assuming cost and security protocols are managed. Council passed related motions.  The institute will prepare the bylaw notice supporting material for a member vote at the 2014 annual meeting.

– A report from Treasurer Cal Meiklejohn Architect AIBC regarding Financial Policy 2.12, which outlined changes to the policy based on continued work to address the Risk Assessment report submitted to council in September 2013.

– A report and accompanying motions from the Strategic Engagement Steering Committee calling for proceeding with the recommendations for stakeholder engagement in the form of open houses for information gathering purposes.  Council approved the motions.

– A report and accompanying motions from the Associates Task Force regarding independent design services provided by two of the three Associate categories (Intern Architects and Architectural Technologists). Council confirmed that a presentation of the issue will be given to members at the 2014 annual meeting.  As part of the motion, council requested further consideration of the Associates Task Force and staff of the enforcement risks, budget impacts, and effective implementation.

– A report and accompanying motions from the Act Review Working Group requesting council support for efforts to seek amendments to the Architects Act with respect to limited liability partnerships (LLPs), addressing non-compliance with continuing education system as an administrative matter rather than as a disciplinary matter, and to provide for basic duties and objects language in the Act.

– Council consented to receipt of reports from: the Governance Committee, the Finance Committee; and the Executive Director.  Other committees reported activities under separate agenda items later in the meeting.

– Council also passed motions pertaining to various consent items dealing with policy compliance, committee changes, examination results and registration amendments, and the appointment of the auditor for resolution at the 2014 annual meeting.

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