Ron Thom: Gardiner Museum honours Canada’s best, unsung modernist architect

By Sarah Kelsey
Special to National Post, February 24, 2014

Ron Thom (1923-1986) was one of Canada’s most exceptional architects, but as Adele Weder, the curator of a new exhibit on him, notes, “his work has not yet received the attention it fully deserves.”

The man behind University of Toronto’s Massey College and Trent University in Peterbrough, Ont., has been described as someone who was ahead of his designing times; he’s considered one of this country’s best modernist architects (yet he didn’t even attend architecture school). He was said to have injected soul and humanness into cold, hard concrete.  Arthur Erickson, perhaps Canada’s best-known modernist, said that Thom “is not only a master of siting but stemming directly from this, a master of scale.” He resected the landscape and the site. More…

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