Important Notice: New 2014 Vancouver Building Bylaw

Based on feedback from industry professionals and the revisions required, please be advised that the implementation of the 2014 City of Vancouver Building Bylaw (VBBL) will be extended to July 1, 2014 from March 1, 2014. Once the revisions are complete, the new bylaw will be available for purchase online at in early spring. The City has indicated that it will further update AIBC next week, we will share any information received with members and associates as soon as we receive it.

The  new 2014 VBBL was originally approved in principle by City Council on September 25, 2013. It will be based on the 2010 National Building Code of Canada, as is the 2012 BC Building Code. Most ‘unique to Vancouver’ provisions will be brought forward to the 2014 bylaw, as well there are new ‘unique to Vancouver’ requirements to facilitate access for persons with disabilities in one and two family dwellings, click here to learn more. The City of Vancouver has conducted an extensive consultation process on this new building bylaw, and that process remains ongoing. Feedback from the AIBC, as well as our colleagues at the APEGBC, has been extensively incorporated into the new bylaw.

New 2014 energy requirements in Vancouver come into effect March 1, 2014. These apply to all buildings, except one and two family dwellings and low rise residential buildings of three or fewer storeys. Detailed information and tools to assist practitioners can be found on the City’s webpage.

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