AIBC Electronic Voting – Member Update and Feedback Request

Members are advised that AIBC Council has supported the principle of electronic voting (“e-voting”) for council elections and bylaw changes. At its January 21 meeting, council asked the Bylaw Review Committee to inform and seek feedback from members leading to a possible bylaw vote authorizing e-voting.

Currently, council elections are conducted using paper ballots that must be mailed or delivered to the institute or staff before or at the annual meeting. Bylaw amendment votes are conducted by member vote at institute meetings (such as annual meetings) or by mail ballots.  All of these processes are governed by existing bylaws. After conducting its analysis, the Bylaw Review Committee concluded that the council election voting process and bylaw amendment process would benefit from e-voting.

A web page on the AIBC web site dedicated to the overall bylaw review process,  with specific information on the e-voting proposal, is now available; click here to view.  The Bylaw Review Committee is seeking  feedback and will be hosting a live information session on March 3, 2014, from 3:30-5:00 p.m. at the AIBC offices. An online question and answer session is also planned for that afternoon.  If you plan to attend, please r.s.v.p. at or use that e-mail address at any time to send in questions, comments or other feedback.

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