Role Call: Continuing Education System Committee

The Continuing Education System Committee is still seeking new members.

The committee acts to advise, assist, and to support AIBC staff in fulfilling Council policies on the Continuing Education System. Members of the committee will assist the Professional Development department staff to measure the level of content proposed by the Registered Educational Providers and CES participants. Some important roles of this committee will include but not be limited to monitoring and evaluating the institute’s CES self-reporting and audit procedures, new applications for the REP program, and external provider events as to the educational and technical content for LUs. Members will also assist in evaluation of CES participants’ self-reported LUs and resolution of issues arising from considerations of non-compliance.

If you are interested in becoming a member or for more information, please contact Yana Vassilenko, Administrative Assistant at; 604.683.8588 ext. 314.

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