TED Theatre – TED 2014 Build Workshop

TED THEATRE is a spring 2014 build workshop that will give students a hands-on experience to collaboratively design and build a temporary theatre and cafe for TED 2014, under the supervision, direction or control of Michael Green Architecture.

TED 2014 – The Next Chapter will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Parallel to the events on the main stage, TED is running breakout sessions in smaller auditoria for attendees. These sessions will provide past, current and new TED members to connect one on one.

The goal of this build workshop is to provide an indoor theatre that will host ‘pop-up’ talks, and a coffee bar adjacent one of these auditoria. Students will explore pre-fabricated wood solutions that are modular and portable, can be easily assembled and reassembled, and can be reconfigured and used in the local community in the off-season. The aim is to encourage TEDsters to share their stories of inspiration and creativity through design.

The workshop will be run in mid-February, with a couple of sessions prior for design and building prep. Students will gain hands-on experience with wood design, detailing and construction. Through this project, students will learn how to craft a Vancouver story that celebrates the spirit of sharing and spreading ideas.

Material and resource sponsors for the workshop include Interfor, BC Wood and FII.

This workshop is open to current and recent UBC students in the architecture and environmental design programs, Kwantlen students in graphic design, interior design and product design programs, and BCIT students in architecture and interiors programs. Students in other disciplines are also encouraged to apply. Enrollment is limited to 20 students.

To apply: please email designbuild@mg-architecture.ca for an application package. Applications must be received by this Monday, January 20.