The Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture 2013 rethinks China’s industrial past

By Catherine Shaw, Design
December 13, 2013

The Shekou Industrial Zone in Shenzhen may not seem the most likely place to  house a biennale devoted to design. But given the event’s ‘Urban Border’ theme,  this industrial port is in fact perfectly positioned – literally and  figuratively – to host a fascinating debate on global urban issues at the Bi-City  Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (UABB). The urban design biennale’s fifth  edition is presented at two separate venues: an old warehouse at the city’s  industrial port and the former Guangdong Float Glass Factory, a short bus trip  away.

UABB curator and creative director Ole Bouman enlisted a team of  local and international designers to transform a four-hectare derelict  industrial site into the biennale’s main venue, the former glass factory. ‘We  didn’t have much to do,’ he says. ‘It was all about cherishing its existing  beauty and qualities.’ Central to the revitalisation is a dramatic  Guggenheim-esque spiral staircase and an ‘urban farm’, that echoes the Hong Kong  vernacular. More...

Winners of 2013 Prairie Wood Design Awards announced

Canadian Architect
Dec 2, 2013

Alberta Wood WORKS! has announced the award recipients for the 2013 Prairie Wood Design awards. Eight projects were selected from over 40 entries by an esteemed jury panel:  David J. Bowick, Principal of Blackwell Structural Engineers; Brian Court, Associate at the Miller Hull Partnership, LLP; and Steve Raike, Associate Partner at Lake Flato Architects. Selections were based on considerations such as creativity, appropriate use of wood materials, ability to satisfy the client’s building and site requirements and the overall aesthetic appeal for the use and application of wood. The winners are as follows: More…

Annual Fee Invoices

December distribution of annual fee invoices is just around the corner. Members, associates, firms and affiliates can expect to receive an e-mail, next week, containing a detailed invoice of fees required for 2014. Fee rates are determined by registration status. AIBC Council has determined that there are no changes in the annual fees for 2014 regarding members, associates, firms certificates of practice and licensees.  Your annual fees can be paid online.  When logging in to make payment, please keep in mind that individual login identifications are different than your firm login id. Detailed information regarding applicable fees and payment requirements can be found in Bulletin 01 (2014): Fees, Fines and Charges. The deadline for payment is February 1, 2014.

AIA approves first Gender Equity Policy

Geraldine Chua, Architecture & Design
December 9, 2013

The Australian Institute of Architects’ National Council has officially approved the organisation’s first Gender Equity Policy.

Institute President Paul Berkemeier announced the council’s decision following its meeting on Thursday, 5 December.

“The disparity between male and female representation with the profession has been well documented and a growing concern not only for the Institute as the industry’s representative body but also for members of both genders,” he said.

The new Gender Equity Policy establishes ten best practice principles designed to maximise fair and equitable access to opportunities and participation for women in the industry.

They are: More…