Evolution of Associates Categories

Following a period of analysis and discussion, including receiving feedback from architects and associates, AIBC Council recently made changes to clarify the role of  associates with the institute. As of January 1, 2014, there are only three categories of associates: Intern Architect AIBC, Architectural Technologist AIBC and Retired Architect AIBC.  As was the case before these changes, associates must comply with the Architects Act, AIBC Bylaws and the AIBC’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.  As before, they are not entitled to vote or be a voting member of council. There are eligibility requirements for each category of associate. AIBC Council is currently reviewing the issue of the provision by associates of independent design services, in the ‘exceptions’ in the Architects Act, to determine whether regulatory changes are required in the public and profession’s interest.

While the ‘student associate’ class has been discontinued, the AIBC sees students as  important contributors and connecting points to the profession and the AIBC continues to develop these relationships.

For more, click here to view the President’s Message. For more information on associates, please visit our webpage.

CES Reporting Information for CES Participants

The Continuing Education System (CES) reporting system is being updated and streamlined in order to simplify the tracking and assignment of learning units on CES Participants’ transcripts.

  • In the first phase of this initiative you will see a  change to the Self Reporting page to indicate to the participant  that any self report is “reported”.
  • Learning units will no longer be “pending” review by AIBC staff.  They will be seen as “reported” right away, and as such, the “pending” page will disappear.
  • CES staff will, as usual, be reviewing reported learning units in accordance with the Rules and Guidelines in Bulletin 80 – e.g. sections 2.2, 3.3 among others. In cases where an AIBC review seeks more information or detail, or re-classifies a report in accordance with Bulletin 80, the CES Participant will be notified immediately.
  • The second phase of this initiative will occur early in 2014 when the self reporting form is modified to provide more detail about the learning opportunities and LUs  being reported. This initiative does nothing to change any of the rules, guidelines and other principles in Bulletin 80, and we encourage all CES Participants to review Bulletin 80 as we approach the final six months in the current 2012-2014 reporting period.

If you have any questions, please contact the AIBC Professional Development Coordinator Aleta Cho, after she returns from vacation on January 6, 2014.