Registration of Associates at the AIBC is Evolving

In line with AIBC President Scott Kemp’s Message on October 23, 2013, this announcement synthesizes the recent changes made to the AIBC’s associate categories and designations.  Registration and Licensing staff are currently sending out additional information to people in each category, outlining the changes and options for those associates who are affected.

Further to motions made by AIBC’s Council over the past few months and finalized on October 8, 2013, the following changes to the associate categories will be in effect as of January 1, 2014:

1. Associates currently registered as “Building Designers” and “Residential Designers” will be transferred into the “Architectural Technologist Associate” category.

2. There will be a discontinuation of the “Architectural Graduate”, “Previously Registered Member” and “Student Associate” classes of associates.

3. There will be a discontinuation of the “Intern Architectural Technologist” associate class. No new applications are being accepted for this category.  New applicants will be eligible to apply as affiliates. Associates currently registered as “Intern Architectural Technologists” will remain on the register as associates, without designation, until such time as they meet the requirements to register as an “Architectural Technologist”; or choose “affiliate” status; or choose to resign.  A timeline/deadline for this will be determined by council soon.

4. Associate designations now using the “.AIBC” suffix and any      derivatives or variations thereof, will no longer be recognized or      authorized by the AIBC. These are:


5. The three associate categories that will remain as of January 1, 2014 are as follows:

“Intern Architect AIBC”
“Retired Architect AIBC”
“Architectural Technologist AIBC”

These designations are expected to be used without abbreviation.

Associates of the AIBC are required to comply with the Architects Act, AIBC Bylaws and the AIBC’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Individuals registered as Associates in one of the discontinued categories are encouraged to either change to another suitable category of associate or member (if applicable) or to become an affiliate of the institute.

For those whose associate categories are being discontinued there is a wide range of available options, depending on your current category of registration, education and experience background.  If you have any questions or concerns about how these changes affect you personally, please review your forthcoming personal correspondence and, if needed, feel free to contact Registration and Licensing staff at

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