The Social Life of CitiBike Stations

By Project for Public Spaces on Dec 3, 2013
This post was co-authored by PPS Transportation Associate David M. Nelson and Transportation Intern David Leyzerovsky.

Bike share stations are ideal triangulators. They’re natural conversation-starters, attract a stream of diverse users at all times of day & night, and act as casual landmarks that concentrate activity. Presented with this entirely new element of public infrastructure, resourceful citizens are re-purposing stations for convenience and fun.

Take New York City’s CitiBike, which became the United States’ largest and fastest growing bike share program. New York’s bikeshare system has attracted its fair share of political backlash, lawsuits, and humorous skewerings. Yet, the public discourse unfortunately has been dominated by formal issues of usage, traffic safety, placement and aesthetics, rather than the benefits to the city’s public places and the people in them. More…

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