2013 Wood Design Luncheon Conferences (Kelowna / Victoria / Nanaimo)

Wood WORKS! BC is pleased to support the efforts of architects, designers, engineers, builders, technologists, municipal planners and building officials by offering the latest in wood expertise and knowledge through its annual Wood Design Luncheon Conferences, taking place this week.  Addressing a theme of “Close up with codes, coatings and a revolutionary new structure in B.C.”, these luncheons will serve up topics relating primarily to mass timber. Experts will be on hand with presentations that touch upon architecture, design and construction in wood. The sessions are scheduled for Kelowna (Tuesday, November 26), Victoria (Thursday, November 28) and Nanaimo (Friday, November 29). Click here for more information and to register.

1 Core LU per luncheon

Finally, a Building as Good as Its View

By Hadani Ditmars,
Globe and Mail November 15, 2013

The convergence of Main Street and Kingsway is one of Vancouver’s most important intersections. Main Street follows the pathway of an old salmon stream named Brewery Creek and Kingsway was once the gold rush-spawned New Westminster trail. Now the historically significant, culturally rich and rapidly gentrifying area is at the epicentre of a new real estate gold rush – as well as concomitant controversy about how (the “if” being a fait accompli) density should proceed. But the first new mixed use development to be approved for rezoning in Mount Pleasant since the nearby Rize Alliance project (which has endured years of negotiating, public hearings and redesigns) may have solved the community conundrum in a neat architectural hat trick. More …