CACB Conference Position Papers

The Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) is planning a September 2014 conference to review the holistic education of an architect. The theme of this conference – Education, Experience and Exam – will focus on the education of future practicing architects from a student beginning architecture school to licensure and registration. How we prepare graduates for success in this evolving and expanding discipline is critical to our collective futures. In order to develop more meaningful sessions, the conference organizing committee is position paper that will be used to shape and evoke stimulus for discussion by conference delegates. Conclusions and recommendations emerging from the conference will be considered by the CACB as a basis for alterations to the accreditation and certification processes. These position papers may also help to improve processes for internship and architectural registration and will be considered by the regulators. Architecture constituents (organizations, registered professionals, IAs, etc.) are invited to submit position papers that provide documentation and argumentation for specific challenges to the current paradigm of education, experience and examination. They are not limited in length but should be as concise and precise as possible, and must be received by April 1, 2014. Send them to

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