Role Call: AIBC Professional Conduct & Illegal Practice Board / Investigations Committee / Bylaw Review Committee

Volunteers are a key component of the AIBC’s governance model. The institute is currently seeking members with a keen desire to share their knowledge and skills, along with an ability to commit time and energy, for one of the above-mentioned board and committees.  Women and architects from the B.C. Interior and Fraser Valley are under-represented on the referenced board and committees and thus are encouraged to apply.

  • AIBC Professional Conduct & Illegal Practice Board

It is the role of the AIBC Professional Conduct & Illegal Practice Board to monitor professional conduct and illegal practice issues as they arise, and make recommendations to AIBC Council when necessary.  The board also keeps a close eye on potential issues and attempts to suggest clarifications and actions that guide council and the membership. The board is currently seeking renewal and invites the participation of experienced and interested members. To view the PCIPB’s terms of reference, click here.

  •  AIBC Investigations Committee

This committee conducts investigations of unprofessional conduct complaints and makes recommendations to the institute regarding how to proceed. The AIBC believes that public interest and the profession are best served by an investigations committee that includes members from diverse backgrounds. At this time, the committee is actively seeking representation from the B.C Interior as well as partners or senior architects from large firms, and encourages qualified architects to consider this opportunity. To view the committee’s terms of reference, click here.

  • AIBC Bylaw Review Committee

The Bylaw Review Committee has been tasked with reviewing bylaws and making recommendations to AIBC Council with respect to any bylaw amendments, deletions and/or new bylaws that may be appropriate in the context of the Architects Act and the AIBC’s public interest and professional regulation mandate. Share your knowledge and experience by  participating in this worthy endeavour. To view the BRC’s terms of reference, click here.

Interested members are invited to submit questions and expressions of interest to the AIBC, c/o Professional Conduct Coordinator Gayle Roberts at (604) 683-8588 extension 310, or by e-mail at

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