Call for Submissions: Diversity by Design Exhibition

The AIA Seattle Diversity Roundtable and the Architectural Institute of British Columbia invite B.C. architects and architecture firms to submit their work for inclusion in an exhibit of complete or in-process projects expressing the theme of “Diversity by Design”.  The exhibit will highlight individuals and businesses in both Washington and B.C. whose works reflect the spirit of gender and cultural inclusiveness, in keeping with the AIBC Council’s commitment to supporting new and diverse membership.

The exhibit will be mounted at the 2013 Conference, hosted by the AIBC and AIA Northwest and Pacific Region, October 23-26 in Vancouver. It will tell the story of diversity in the profession of architecture through final design products as well as processes that engage architects from gender or ethnic backgrounds that are under-represented in the profession. This might include work for clients representing ethnically-oriented or social service enterprise/organizations, or other projects or actions that address issues of race, gender, and ethnicity.


In keeping with intent of this exhibition, submissions must reflect firms, practitioners and projects that demonstrably support diversity within the profession – particularly through the encouragement of leadership by minority and women architects. The submission must also feature a project completed within the last five years, and whose lead architect is AIBC-registered.


  • Interested firms and individuals are asked to submit:An exhibit panel in PDF format. The exhibit panel should feature a single project along with proper project attribution information (see AIBC Bulletin 44: Attribution: Giving and Taking Credit for Architectural Services), and be designed in keeping with the exhibit template provided (click here), which calls for a printed board at 22”x34”. Please use the following naming convention for your exhibit panel file: firmname_projectname_board.pdf
  • A one-page (8.5” x 11”) overview document (also in PDF format) detailing project information. This should include project name and location, design team, contact information (name, phone, e-mail address), and a statement about the relevance of the project to the “Diversity by Design” theme. Please use the following naming convention for your project overview file: firmname_projectname_cover.pdf.

To access the required templates as well as a sample version of a completed submission, click here.


Submissions will be reviewed and selected based on the message of architectural diversity and inclusion conveyed by the project team and/or the project itself.


There is no cost to submit. If selected, exhibitors will be responsible for all costs related to the printing and shipping of their exhibit boards.

Submission Deadline

5:00 p.m. PST on October 11, 2013. Submissions should be directed to:


Rachael Kitagawa 206-624-5702

Titus Uomoto 206-898-9354

David Wiebe 604-522-6964

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