The Case Against Rebuilding The Coastline After Superstorm Sandy

By Klaus Jacob, The Atlantic Cities
September 12, 2013

One year after Sandy, many of the affected communities remain vulnerable to another storm because of indecision about how best to respond. There are three basic options to mitigate risks from sea level rise and storm surge: Protect against the rising tides with engineered structures, accommodate the rising waters and make structures as resilient as possible, or retreat from risky low shorelines to higher ground. Our challenge is to tailor these options to particular locations, and to balance this with cost-effectiveness and sustainability over the long run. Retreat needs to be considered not as a defeatist last-resort, but as proactive strategy needed in some places. More …

New Moscow Competition

Expressions of interest are being invited for the creation of a master plan for “New Moscow”, an international financial centre in Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye that calls for a 460 hectare mixed-use development requiring offices, housing and hotels along with commercial and social infrastructure. The project, located on the outskirts of Moscow, is expected to become a hub for Russia’s domestic financial infrastructure. The competition is open to consortia including architects, engineers, urban planners, landscape architects, sustainability experts, transportation specialists and cost consultants. To ensure the proposed masterplan is compliant with local planning rules and regulations, international participants are expected to involve a Russian consultant. Three finalists will be selected from an international short list of master plans from eight pre-qualified firms. Stage 1 applications will be accepted until October 4, 2013. Detailed information can be found online at

2014 BC Land Summit

Expressions of Interest are invited for the 2014 BC Land Summit. This three-day interdisciplinary conference, put on by the BC Land Summit Society, will provide a unique inter-professional opportunity to learn, share ideas, collaborate and network with others working in diverse land-related fields. Session streams include:

  • Food & Agriculture;
  • Law & The Land;
  • The Natural & Built Environment; and
  • Water & The Land

It takes place May 14 – 16, 2014 at Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre. Would-be presenters are required to confirm their interest by registering prior to October 12, 2013. For additional information, visit or contact BC Land Summit Society Chair Tara Culham at