APEC Architect Project

In January 2013, Canada officially took on the role of project secretariat for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Architect Project, a two-year term that will culminate in October 2014 with the Sixth APEC Architect Project Central Council Meeting in Vancouver .

The APEC Architect project is an initiative of the APEC Human Resources Development Working Group as a direct response to the group’s strategic priority of facilitating mobility of qualified persons by developing a means for the mutual recognition of skills and qualifications. The aim of the APEC Architect Project framework is to establish a mechanism to facilitate the mobility of architects throughout the APEC region by reducing current barriers to the export of professional services. The 14 participating economies, each represented by their architectural profession’s regulatory jurisdiction, are:


An “APEC Architect” is a person who is registered, licensed or otherwise professionally recognized as an architect in a participating economy, possessing at least seven years of practice post-registration practice experience. He/she must also have been accepted by their home economy’s designated APEC Architect Monitoring Committee for addition to the APEC Architect Register.

For APEC Architects hoping to practise in a participating economy other than their own, their registration process is expedited by their APEC designation. While registration is not guaranteed, participating economies have agreed to generally accept the standing of a registration applicant who is an APEC Architect as having “advanced eligibility’. Within certain economies active in the project, an APEC Architect can have a higher level of recognition. As well, an APEC Architect is entitled to an APEC Card, which in some economies carries not only enhanced status but also direct perquisites, such as quicker access through travel security.

For more information about the APEC Architect Project, including the application process, visit www.apecarchitects.org or e-mail apec.architect@aibc.ca.

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