‘Starchitect’ to Pay Homage to Old Stock Exchange Building

By Brent Jang, Globe and Mail
February 13, 2013

Take a $200-million development proposal, add Swiss expertise to Canadian know-how, then let the planning begin in earnest to preserve and expand the Old Stock Exchange Building. There is a buzz in the air about a star architect from Switzerland who has been hired to leave his mark on the northwest corner of Howe and Pender in downtown Vancouver. Harry Gugger, meet the old exchange at 475 Howe St. Vancouver, meet Mr. Gugger, who will lend his expertise in the design of a new 30-storey office tower so that it complements the historic 11-storey building. More … http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/starchitect-to-pay-homage-to-old-stock-exchange-building/article8578237/.

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