City of Parksville Advisory Design Panel (New ADP)

The AIBC’s Design Panel Committee is seeking volunteers to serve on the newly-formed Parksville Advisory Design Panel. The role of an advisory design panel member is to give impartial, professional advice directly on any proposal or policy affecting the community’s physical environment in the public interest. Parkville is an active and growing community of retirees and families with young children who have chosen to live there for the quality of life and natural environment. While sustainable design credentials are not required for this role, Parksville’s commitment to environmental sustainability would be well-served if applicants possess a working knowledge of sustainable building design and practices. To learn more about the procedures for serving on a panel, please refer to the following documents:

Interested applicants can access an application form here: ADP_Application_Form_10012013

For more information on this opportunity, contact Director of Professional Services Paul Becker at (604) 683-8588, ext. 307.

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