New Registered Educational Provider: Bailey Metal Products Ltd.

Bailey Metal Products Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of lightweight steel framing in Canada, and a leading provider of drywall trims and accessories. With more than 60 years in business, the company aims to be Canada’s leading LSF/steel product manufacturer by exceeding customer expectations and providing a broad range of innovative products at great value. To learn more about all AIBC Registered Educational Providers, please visit

Coastal Communities Plan For Rising Water Levels

Municipalities are planning ahead, slowly building up surrounding lands, dikes
By Tracy Sherlock, Vancouver Sun
December 10, 2012

Rising sea levels combined with volatile and intense storms provide a challenge for B.C. coastal municipalities, but it’s a challenge they say they are meeting head on. Last year, the province set new guidelines for sea dikes and land use in coastal flood-hazard zones as part of the effort to manage an expected sea level rise of 1.2 metres in the next 100 years. More …

Vancouver Real Estate Market Crash? Not so Much …

By Mike Stewart, Vancouver Observer
December 6, 2012

For quite some time, many in the media have been predicting doom and gloom for Vancouver’s real estate market. The predictions are for a flood of new listings and falling demand; the reality, though, is it’s just not that bad. The November 2012 REBGV statistics confirm that supply is contracting and Sellers are actually pulling out of the market, as illustrated by the large drop in the amount of properties listed for sale across the region. A common assumption among more alarmist and less informed commentators is that recent softness in the Vancouver market is the beginning of a huge drop in prices. They contend that deeply indebted sellers will be forced to sell and buyers will not be able to buy. Many predict or allude to Canada experiencing a housing crash, not unlike what happened in the United States. More …

Architects And The Public Health Imperative

By Kira Gould, Metropolis Magazine
Thursday, December 13, 2012

This fall, the American Institute of Architects announced a 10 year commitment to develop design and technology solutions for cities addressing public health, sustainability, and resiliency challenges. It’s the kind of commitment that many AIA members have long sought: putting human and environmental health and wellness at the center of the architecture mission. That the announcement was made at the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in New York, gave it cache; more than 1,000 global leaders gathered to address the theme of “Designing for Impact.” More …

Call For Papers: 2013 BCSLA Annual Conference

The British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects has issued a call for papers for the 2013 BCSLA Annual Conference, Showcase and Annual General Meeting. The event, titled “Depth of Field – Exploring Our Culture Through the Creative Lens”, takes place April 26-27, 2013 at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel in Vancouver. This gathering provides an excellent opportunity for design professionals, practitioners and key stakeholders from community, academia and both the public and private sectors to share ideas and projects. The goal of this year’s conference is to explore common creative ground in order to further develop the techniques and tools of the profession. BCSLA Members, allied professionals and interested practitioners are invited to submit abstracts for papers, presentations, panels, and/or designs. Abstracts are due by January 31, 2013. For detailed information, visit the BCSLA web site at or contact Executive Director Tara Culham ( or Administrative Assistant Jessica Tan (

2013 RAIC Awards of Excellence

Submissions are now being accepted for Architecture Canada’s 2013 RAIC Awards of Excellence. These awards are bestowed every two years in recognition of achievement in categories such as:

  • Allied Arts – outstanding achievement in the arts through any medium allied to architecture;
  • Advocate of Architecture – honouring those who have long demonstrated support for architects and architecture;
  • Green Building Award – in partnership with Canada Green Building Council, for achievements in high-performance Canadian architecture for buildings;
  • Innovation in Architecture – singling out excellence in research and development; and
  • President’s Award for Media in Architecture – recognizing media coverage architecture and architectural events and milestones. Note: this category has been revamped to recognize the many modern formats in which architectural media coverage is generated, and is now open to both Architecture Canada members and the public.

This year’s selection will also feature a new award category: the Emerging Architectural Practice Award, recognizing an emerging architectural practice that has consistently produced distinguished architecture. Submissions are also being accepted this year for the RAIC’s Architectural Firm Award, Prix du XX Siecle and Young Architect Award. The deadline for submissions in all categories is January 10, 2013. For detailed information and to enter, visit the Architecture Canada web site at

Limitation Act Information and Resources

As previously announced, the British Columbia government recently approved an updated Limitation Act, the provincial legislation that sets the amount of time people have to file civil lawsuits. This revised statute reflects most of the concerns and suggestions brought forth in the AIBC Response to the White Paper on Limitation Act Reform, submitted in 2010. Of particular note to the architectural profession is a revised ultimate limitation period of 15 years, reduced from the previous 30. The Ministry of Justice’s Civil Policy and Legislation Office has now updated its online materials concerning the new Limitation Act, including a detailed explanation of the revised act and transition information developed to assist in making the change from the current legislation to the new act, which comes into effect on June 1, 2013. Visit