Federal Commission Says ‘no’ to Building Code Changes For Wildfire-prone Areas

By John Cotter, The Canadian Press
December 2, 2012

A federal commission has rejected proposals to change Canada’s national construction codes to better protect communities from destructive wildfires. The changes would have required builders in areas prone to forest fires to use less flammable building materials, to space buildings farther apart and to keep them clear of trees and vegetation. “There was no consensus to go forward and put this in the codes. The majority of the provinces said, ‘No, you can’t put this in the building codes because we couldn’t enforce it,'” Philip Rizcallah, acting manager of the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes, said from Ottawa. More … http://www.canada.com/news/Federal+commission+says+building+code+changes+wildfireprone+areas/7640132/story.html.

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