City Needs to Better Engage Citizens on Housing Development

By Bob Ransford, Vancouver Sun
November 24, 2012

Vancouver’s new planner is on a mission to transform the way the city deals with growth. Brian Jackson, who recently took over as general manager of Planning and Development Services, has an urgent and daunting task ahead of him. There’s no more time left to talk about planning theories, give lectures about past Vancouver urban achievements or argue about the intent of old policies that have outlived their shelf life. Growth is challenging everyone. People continue to flock to Vancouver. More …

Vancouver’s 128 Years of Affordability Fears

By Jesse Donaldson,
November 24, 2012

On Sept. 30, after months of research, the Mayor’s Task Force on Housing Affordability released its final report, outlining the challenges facing renters and owner in Metro Vancouver’s housing marker. “We know that many people across a wide range of incomes face affordability challenges in our city,” it states, “from those with little income and no housing to those with a higher income but who struggle to find affordable, suitable and adequate housing… How Vancouverites decide to address these challenges is fundamental to the future of our city. Should we simply let the market decide what kind of city we want and who gets to live here? Or should we take the actions needed to increase the diversity of affordable housing options, and maintain the vibrancy, diversity and economic competitiveness of our city? More …