Role Call: AIBC Bylaw Review Committee

The AIBC is seeking architects interested in joining its Bylaw Review Committee to assist the institute in conducting a review of AIBC bylaws. The committee has been tasked with reviewing bylaws and making recommendations to council with respect to any bylaw amendments, deletions and new bylaws that may be appropriate in the context of the Architects Act and the AIBC’s public interest and professional regulation mandate. Any resulting amendments to AIBC bylaws, including deletions or new bylaws, require member support by way of vote. The committee’s work has been under way for more than a year, leading to the bylaw amendment vote at the May 2012 AIBC annual meeting. While the committee’s current focus is on consensual resolution bylaws, the committee is reviewing the full suite of AIBC bylaws. It meets approximately every second month at the AIBC, with interim e-mail and telephone meetings or exchanges to ensure workflow. Members with an interest and/or aptitude in the AIBC’s essential governance and regulatory mandate would be particularly valued as the bylaw review process unfolds. Interested members should submit an expression of interest to the AIBC, care of Professional Conduct Coordinator Gayle Roberts (Phone: (604) 683-8588 ext. 310;  e-mail: For further information on the committee’s terms of reference, scheduling or general matters, please contact AIBC General Counsel/Director of Professional Conduct & Illegal Practice Thomas Lutes (Phone: (604) 683-8588 ext. 321; e-mail:

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