World City Prize

The Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize is a biannual international award that honours outstanding achievements and contributions to the creation of liveable, vibrant and sustainable urban communities around the world. The prize, valued at $300,000, seeks to recognise cities and their key leaders and organisations for displaying foresight, good governance and innovation in tackling urban challenges to bring about social, economic and environmental community benefits in a holistic way. To facilitate the sharing of best practices in urban solutions that are easily replicable, emphasis is placed on practical and cost-effective solutions and ideas for the benefit of cities around the world to spur further innovation in the area of sustainable urban development. Nominations are accepted only from independent third parties including senior government officials, leading academics and officials of international organizations in relevant fields, and organisations and leaders in the fields of architecture, urban planning, housing, transport management, urban design, energy conservation, urban policy and management. The recipient will be invited to share his/her knowledge and experiences during the 2014 World Cities Summit in Singapore. The deadline for submission of nominations and citations is Friday, March 23, 2013. For detailed information and nomination forms, go online to

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