LG Appointee Applications Invited

The provincial government is currently inviting applications from those interested in serving as Lieutenant Governor Appointees to AIBC Council. As representatives of the public, LG Appointees are selected by the provincial government’s Board Resourcing & Development Office through an open, transparent and consistent appointment process. Such appointments are governed by written appointment guidelines available through the BRDO web site (www.gov.bc.ca/brdo). While the particular skills sought may differ depending on issues faced and competencies needed, applicants should have the necessary personal attributes required to add value and provide support for management, effectively monitor the performance of management and the organization; and account for the performance of the organization. An understanding of, and commitment to, corporate governance is important. Appointees must also not be in a position of direct or indirect conflict of interest related to their responsibilities to the organization. This is a voluntary, part-time position without compensation. Those interested in being considered are invited to complete an expression of interest through the BRDO web site (Requisition #1760921): http://www.fin.gov.bc.ca/BRDO/adverts.asp. For additional information, contact Senior Analyst Natalya Brodie at (604) 775-1683.

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