Montreal Halts Construction Contracts Following Corruption Inquiry Revelations

By Sidhartha Banerjee, The Canadian Press
October 4, 2012

The City of Montreal has announced a temporary suspension of new construction contracts after sensational allegations that systemic corruption has benefited the Mafia, political parties and corrupt bureaucrats to the detriment of local taxpayers. More…

Can’t Afford Vancouver Housing? Move Out

By Shelley Fralic, Vancouver Sun
October 6, 2012

By now you’ve seen the doctored photograph, which illustrates how Vancouver city hall intends to provide more affordable housing through its “thin-street” initiative by stretching a number of city blocks in the West End, Marpole and Grandview-Woodland neighbourhoods with the construction of housing on underused wisps of taxpayer-owned real estate such as side boulevards and wide roads. More…