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Core Sunlighting Illumination in Buildings – An Architectural Approach (SDCB280)

This interactive online course, developed by the British Columbia Institute of Technology, will examine the application of core sunlighting approaches and technologies in commercial buildings as sustainable strategies to reduce costs, offset greenhouse gas, and provide a substantially improved indoor environment in workplaces. Participants will learn to:

  • Develop a common framework to define core sunlighting and its scope of application;
  • Review basic scientific principles of illumination, sunlight harvesting and distribution;
  • Develop methodologies to quantify performance and analyze the costs-benefits of core sunlighting strategies;
  • Identify technical issues in deploying core sunlighting technologies within buildings; and
  • Connect the importance of utilizing core sunlighting in the built environment as a sustainable building strategy to support the sustainability goals common to many communities.

Using tools such as video, audio and voiced-over PowerPoint, students will “visit” demonstration sites and hear from core sunlighting experts. It begins Saturday, November 24 – Sunday, December 1, 2012. For details and to register, visit

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