Call For Proposals: Plan Maestro Eje Bulnes

To commemorate the bicentennial of the Republic of Chile, the Chilean government has developed a bicentennial legacy program that includes the creation, revitalization and consolidation of public spaces and buildings of great urban and heritage importance to Chile. As part of this program, the Presidency of the Republic has decided to revitalize Santiago’s Civic Quarter – specifically, President Manuel Bulnes Avenue and the area around it, located in the heart of Santiago. This involves a number of specific initiatives to be implemented through the Public Works Ministry and the Housing and Urban Development Ministry. For that purpose, the Housing and Urban Development Ministry has launched the “International Public Competition: Master Plan for the Bulnes Urban Axis“, inviting urban design / architectural proposals for the completion, updating and revitalization of the designated area through a master plan addressing these tasks together. The competition will award three prizes and three honorable mentions. Additional information can be found online at

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