Homecoming For an Architect’s Son

By Adele Weder, The Globe and Mail
June 22, 2012

In 1951, when architect Ned Pratt built his family home on the foothills of West Vancouver’s British Properties, he made a statement far beyond aesthetics. As well as shelter for his family, Mr. Pratt designed the house as a showpiece for new building technologies and materials. Still, as his architect son, Peter, recently reflected: “It’s easier when you have a client that can state their needs. For an architect to design his own home, that’s quite a challenge—because architects can never make up their minds! That’s the hardest damn thing.” More … http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/home-and-garden/architecture/homecoming-for-an-architects-son/article4364064/.

BC Wood Demonstration Projects

The B.C. forest products industry has announced the opening of three new wood demonstration projects: the North Shore Credit Union Environmental Learning Centre, Elkford Community Conference Centre, and City of North Vancouver Civic Centre Renovation. Each of these projects demonstrates important innovations in wood design and engineering systems by applying traditional products in non-traditional ways, or creating innovative wood solutions structurally or architecturally. The demonstration buildings showcase new workable wood solutions that have the greatest potential for commercial viability. A common component in all three project innovations is the introduction of mass timber, representing a paradigm shift in the possibilities for wood use in construction projects. These products also offer significant benefits in terms of fire, acoustic and structural performance, scale possibilities, rigidity, stability and construction efficiency. The new North Shore Credit Union Environmental Learning Centre, an addition to the North Vancouver Outdoor School (NVOS) in Brackendale near Squamish, is an 850-square-metre building which reflects the environmental principles it espouses. The 1,800 square metre Elkford Community Conference Centre features a visitor information centre, playschool, commercial kitchen, banquet hall with a stage for the performing arts, multipurpose meeting rooms as well as historical displays. It utilizes structural wood construction to conserve energy and reduce the centre’s environmental footprint. The City of North Vancouver Civic Centre Renovation is a 770-square-metre space featuring a one-storey atrium, state-of-the-art design fabrication behind the roof panel system, and an inventive new floor system. Additional information can be found online at http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/998371/b-c-forest-products-industry-recognizes-wood-demonstration-project-openings-and-events-in-british-columbia.