Learning From Lagos: Contemporary Architects Harvest The Slums For Design Inspiration

By Kelly Chan, ArtInfo
June 7, 2012

A few days ago, architecture and design magazine eVolo published a conceptual proposal called “Favela Cloud,” a formal scheme to redevelop the Brazilian slums of Santa Marta. Renderings for the master thesis project by Aalborg University graduate students Johan Kure, Thiru Manickam, and Kemo Usto depict a massive, porous steel “cloud” made from interconnected polyhedral modules. The amorphous form is raised upon a forest of intersecting poles and made accessible by lift or by whimsically off-kilter spiral staircases. Perched high above the cinderblock shanties of Santa Marta and basking in the midday sun, “Favela Cloud” is meant to proclaim the dawn of a new age, one in which the long-neglected urban poor are both entitled to and empowered by progressive architecture. More … http://artinfo.com/news/story/807260/learning-from-lagos-contemporary-architects-harvest-the-slums-for-design-inspiration.


520 Floating Bridge Ideas Competition

Seattle’s iconic 520 Floating Bridge is slated to be decommissioned in 2014. In commissioning a replacement bridge, the Washington State Department of Transportation will require the selected design/build team to either reuse or recycle the existing bridge, including its 33 floating concrete pontoons. With this in mind, RETHINK REUSE and the Washington State University School of Design and Construction are now inviting entries for the Transforming Seattle’s 520 Floating Bridge 2012 International Design Ideas Competition. The competition challenges international designers, both professionals and students, to envision innovative reuse strategies that can part of the bridge replacement plan. Proposals can  either utilize the bridge in its current state or call for reuse of its pontoons at a new location. As this is an ideas competition, a design contract for the project will not be awarded. However, there is $6000 in prize money including $3000 for the first-place jury selection. Registration closes on August 10, 2012, with submissions due on August 15. Detailed information can be found online at http://www.rethinkreuse.org/competition.html.