Architect’s Toolkit

Forestry Innovation Investment, a B.C. crown agency, is pleased to introduce the Architect’s Toolkit, a one-stop resource for British Columbia wood products. This comprehensive resource is designed to be a starting point to innovate, inspire and engage with the wide variety of British Columbia wood products. It provides detailed information about the latest innovations in green building as well as inspirational ideas for brainstorming with colleagues and clients while highlighting 11 different species of British Columbia wood, cross-laminated timber (CLT), OSB, and plywood. It also hosts a variety of technical, product and species-specific information on building with wood along with case studies and information on accessing technical experts for all wood-related questions. It includes detailed information on B.C.’s Wood First Policy, third-party forest certification, and how wood can help mitigate climate change. This hands-on package allows users to actually see and touch many of the various building materials available. To access the Architect’s Toolkit microsite, visit order your own kit, go to To find out more about FII, visit

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