University of British Columbia Centre for Sustainability – Building Green with LEED: LEED Canada for New Construction 2009

This 36-hour course will provide an in-depth review of the LEED Canada for New Construction rating system. This course will benefit professionals involved in the design and construction processes of green buildings. Building professionals will develop their technical proficiency with this latest standard, supporting those planning to write the LEED Professional Accreditation Exam with the Building Design + Construction specialty. In addition, current LEED APs will receive all of the continuing education requirements needed to update to the LEED AP BD+C credential. Using a wide range of examples, case studies and resource materials, this course will prepare participants to:

  • demonstrate technical proficiency with the specific requirements of the LEED Canada NC Rating System 2009;
  • recognize the synergies between specific green building strategies;
  • work collaboratively within an integrated design process to implement these strategies;
  • perform cost-benefit analyses of green building strategies to calculate simple paybacks;
  • grasp the limitations of design and the practical application of the rating system; and
  • utilize the LEED letter templates and other tools to develop certification documentation.

It takes place Monday through Friday, July 16 – July 20, 2012, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at UBC Robson Square, 800 Granville Street, Vancouver. Register online at

36 Core LUs

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