re:THINK Housing Ideas Competition

The City of Vancouver has announced a global ideas competition for affordable housing. The competition, titled re:Think Housing and an initiative of the Mayor’s Task Force on Housing Affordability, has been vetted by the AIBC. It is intended to generate a broader discussion of possibilities for Vancouver’s affordable housing crisis, inviting  bold new ideas for both general and site-specific solutions that address Vancouver’s affordability challenge head-on. The competition is aimed at everyone who has an interest in affordable housing: architects, designers, planners, philanthropists, non-profit organizations, financial institutions and the general public. Applicants may submit proposals for public or private land in two categories: Building Bold and Vibrant Neighbourhoods. Each proposal must explain how affordability will be maintained over the long term without government subsidy. It should also include ideas on how a project would protect and enhance green space; integrate with neighbourhoods; and be financially viable. Winners will be selected by a five-member jury with $8,000 in prize money distributed. For more information, go online to

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