Pedestrian Bridges That Make an Artful Connection

By Shelley White, Globe and Mail Update
April 23, 2012

Daring, innovative pedestrian bridges are popping up across Canada, with Calgary and Toronto at the forefront of the growing trend to give new recognition to those who commute on foot or by bike. Calgary’s latest architectural sensation, the predominantly red Peace Bridge, opened on March 24. The steel and glass structure, which crosses the Bow River into Calgary’s downtown, has attracted 4,400 citizens a day since it opened and become a focal point for residents and tourists. “There was one fellow who set up a time-lapse camera and [and he recorded] 1,200 people in an hour on the weekend,” says Calgary Alderman Druh Farrell, a vocal Peace Bridge supporter. “People are drawn to it: It’s become a magnet.” More … 

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