British Columbia Building Envelope Council – Victoria Luncheon: Developing an Existing Buildings Code

Applying the BC Building Code to construction work in existing buildings can be challenging for architects, building owners, designers, contractors and building officials. It can also be difficult and costly to renovate or change an existing building, with outdated design standards and different construction techniques, to the levels of performance specified in the current code. Further, if only portions of an existing building are to be worked on, for example the building envelope only, application of the building code may not be straightforward as it is largely intended for new construction. Developing a code specific for construction work in existing buildings is challenging as well. In addition to the technical requirements, such a code should be practical and reasonable in order to cover the many different scenarios, conditions and goals presented by existing buildings projects. To that end, the development of the code touches on several fundamental issues including acceptable performance levels for existing buildings. The province’s Building and Safety Standards Branch has been working on a new “Existing Buildings Code”, with efforts concentrated on four main disciplines: fire safety, seismic, accessibility and energy efficiency. Steven Kuan, Senior Seismic Engineer with the Building and Safety Standards Branch in the Office of Housing and Construction Standards, will discuss the concepts, approach and requirements of this draft regulatory framework, along with the challenges encountered. This presentation takes place Wednesday, May 16, 2012, from 12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Harbour Towers, 345 Quebec Street, Victoria. Register online at

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