British Columbia Festival of Forestry – Sustainable Forests and Wood Products Workshop – UBC Malcolm Knapp Research Forest

As building technologies evolve, one material remains as in-demand as ever: wood. Wood costs less – economically and environmentally – and is one of the most beautiful, versatile, durable and renewable raw materials available. This workshop includes a hands-on tour of both a working forest and an on-site sawmill. Participants will travel to different locations within the forest and walk through the different sites. Paul Lawson RPF and Cheryl Power RPF of the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest will discuss how to:

  •  Identify the common local native tree species and the wood derived from them;
  • Compare the basic ecological characteristics of those species;
  • Identify the role of fire, insects and disease in the forest and in its development and growth;
  • Recognize the various silvicultural practices used in forest harvesting, regeneration and stand tending;
  • Identify and quantify the role of forests in sequestering atmospheric carbon;
  • List the steps that go into harvesting and manufacturing of sustainably grown wood products; and
  • Make choices necessary to specifying timber species and grade required for various structural and appearance attributes.

Tour the Gallant Sawmill, viewing lumber breakdown from log to final product. Learn about sorting, cutting, planning, grading and kiln drying followed by a demonstration of soft lumber shrinkage and destructive strength testing by species. It takes place Thursday, May 10, 2012, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at the UBC Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, 14500 Silver Valley Road, Maple Ridge. Participants must supply their own transportation to the site. From there, group transportation will be provided to different areas within the forest. A snack and lunch will be provided. Register online at by Thursday, May 3, 2012.

3.75 Core LUs and 1.5 Non-core LUs

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