Building Regulatory System White Papers

Following a series of reviews and consultations, the Province of British Columbia has now brought forth a series of proposals to improve the regulation of buildings, including changes to the B.C. Building Code. Under these new proposals, the building regulatory system will be modernized by:

  • increasing consistency in building standards across B.C. by establishing sole authority for the provincial government to set building standards;
  • providing provincial interpretations of the B.C. Building Code;
  • introducing a third party audit system for code compliance and administration;
  • establishing a provincial evaluation body to consider alternative solutions and product evaluation; and
  • establishing a stakeholder advisory body to advise on matters related to the building regulatory system.
These recommendation are contained within a white paper released for discussion and feedback. A second white paper, specific to the mandatory certification of local government building officials under the authority of the Building Officials Association of British Columbia, has also been published. Those involved in the industry are invited to share their opinions of what has been proposed through an online survey process. Go to the Office of Housing and Construction Standards worksite at surveys will be available online until Sunday, April 15, 2012.

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