Bylaw Amendments Recommended by AIBC Council

At its February 14, 2012 meeting, AIBC Council reviewed a series of recommendations made by the AIBC Bylaw Review Committee to amend portions of the AIBC’s bylaws. Council approved those recommendations and has now asked the committee to prepare information and seek feedback from members in preparation for voting on the amendments at the AIBC Annual Meeting to be held on Saturday, May 12, 2012. Further information on this process, including the background recommendation memorandum prepared by the committee, will be available through the  AIBC web site in the coming days. Council has also requested that the committee continue its bylaw review process in order to identify further bylaw modernization and improvement recommendations for later in the calendar year. Those with questions, concerns or comments are invited to contact AIBC Bylaw Review Committee Chair Janet Lutz MAIBC ( or AIBC Professional Conduct Coordinator Gayle Roberts (

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