Alternative Solutions Resource Initiative – Eco-Sense Tour

Eco-Sense, a load-bearing cob home located in the highlands near Victoria, was the first residence to achieve partial Living Building status from the International Living Building Institute. This tour will encompass the range of innovations implemented by owner/builders Ann and Gord Baird, including:

  • full code-compliant load-bearing cob (earthen) structure;
  • grey water treatment;
  • rainwater harvesting;
  • green roof system;
  • wood gasification boiler;
  • earthen interior finishes;
  • composting toilet;
  • solar thermal radiant floor heating; and
  • grid-tied photovoltaic system.

Following the tour there will be a technical presentation on the findings of a one-year, VanCity-funded monitoring program where internal and in-wall temperature as well as humidity were monitored and compared with external conditions. The cost is $50 with group transportation provided to and from the site. Space is limited and open only to seminar participants. It takes place Saturday, March 24, 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. Register online at

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