100 Mile House: An Open Ideas Competition

You’ve heard of The 100-Mile Diet; what about the 100 Mile House? The Architecture Foundation of British Columbia is pleased to announce the launch of a new ideas competition that invites participants to explore, rethink, question and experiment with new ideas that will challenge the concept of the regional house and the way we live. Historically, most houses were constructed as “100 mile” houses – from caves, sod houses, log cabins and stone houses to the First Nations’ indigenous cedar houses, teepees and igloos.  People worldwide used whatever materials were at hand to build shelters for themselves and their families. But is this possible in a modern 21st Century city like Vancouver?  This competition will challenge all participants to rethink the way we live and select materials, systems and technology that reflect this reality in the world of computers, Facebook and the Internet. The objective is to design a house to accommodate four people with a maximum area of 1200 square feet using only materials and systems made/ manufactured / recycled within 100 miles of Vancouver.  This is a global competition that welcomes architects, designers, artists, students and other environmentally-conscious creators from around the world to submit their ideas. The AFBC promotes big ideas that recognize sustainable design, architectural merit and innovation in order to advance the knowledge and practice of the design of sustainable buildings in British Columbia. For more information on the competition, go to  www.100mh.architecturefoundationbc.ca. To learn more about the AFBC, visit www.architecurefoundationbc.ca

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