Update: Registered Educational Provider Program and AEC Daily

The AIBC’s Registered Educational Provider Program allows the institute to extend a wide variety of valuable professional development opportunities to architects and associates throughout the province. Providers pay an annual fee to take part in the program. In turn, they enjoy the benefit of connecting directly with the architectural community. AIBC attendees benefit from knowing each associated learning activity has been pre-approved for AIBC learning units, with the assurance that their AIBC transcripts will be automatically updated upon successful completion of each provider activity and submission of attendance lists.

From time to time, registered providers may choose to not renew their participation in the program, for a variety of reasons. In such cases, the AIBC asks that the provider alert people to this change via their web site and other related promotional activities, specifying that AIBC attendees must now self-report their learning activities.

Recently, AEC Daily (http://www.aecdaily.com/) opted out of the Registered Educational Provider Program. A notice to this effect now appears on the AEC Daily web site. AIBC participants can still benefit from the learning opportunities offered by AEC Daily. The only change is that they must now self-report their participation in such courses, and as with all self-reported activities, the institute will review each learning activity and assess the claimed learning units as appropriate.

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