AIBC Response to Proposed BCBC Revisions

This fall, proposed changes to the BC Building Code have been out for public review with open invitations extended for individuals and organizations to submit feedback. In addition to the individual responses provided by AIBC members, the institute has submitted a formal response that is the product of thoughtful, thorough input from experienced practitioners, topic experts and advisors. In addition to technical responses to each of the proposed changes, the AIBC submission address two principal areas of concern:

  • The public interest ramification of the government’s proposed changes to small assembly occupancies; and
  • The architectural profession’s long-standing belief and unrequited requests apropos the overarching authority and public protection benefits of the Architect Act, which are not reflected in the proposed changes but which the AIBC strongly recommends.

To access the AIBC submission, click here. For the accompanying cover letter, click here. Thank you to all who contributed to the institute’s response, and those who took the time to submit their personal comments. Constructive dialogue with the provincial government, on this and other matters, will continue.

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