We Architects are Politicians: Interview With Giancarlo Mazzanti

By Vladimir Belogolovsky, ArchNewsNow.com
December 13, 2011

The work of Colombian architect Giancarlo Mazzanti, whose projects succeed in improving lives of ordinary folks, reflects significant social shifts in Latin America today. It is therefore not surprising that the most fascinating architectural projects in this part of the world are social, such as schools, kindergartens, libraries, and sports arenas. Moreover, by and large the most intriguing and successful of them are built in the poorest neighborhoods. Comparing many of these humble projects with the elitist concert halls, condominiums, banks, and museums, often built as fanciful gestures wrapped in expensive skins in countries with developed economies, one begins to sense a certain decorative nature and even detachment of contemporary architecture in the West from challenges of real life. Is architecture mainly about pleasing the eye? Is it not also about trying to make our lives safer and more convenient, as well as to provide more options for such new functions, forms, and spaces that could improve qualities of our lives? More …

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