Urban Pioneers And City Settlers

By Christopher Hume, Toronto Star
December 4, 2011

We don’t think of condo dwellers as pioneers, but that’s what they are, some of them, anyway. Moving into the urban wilderness, clearing the land and cleaning the soil, they have opened up the city in ways that would never have occurred to their forefathers. More remarkable, they have accomplished all this in living units so small that breakfast in bed is a necessity, not a Sunday morning luxury. In a world of suburban sprawl, monster homes and walk-in closets, the 301-square-foot box-in-the-sky represents a new way of life, and beyond that, a repudiation of sorts, certainly a renunciation of all that’s familiar. Outside megacities such as Tokyo with its capsule architecture, this miniaturization of real estate is just starting. In a city like ours, obsessed with the price of housing, this is the new frontier. More … 

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