A West Vancouver Home by `The Other Guy’

By Adele Weder, Globe and Mail
November 26, 2011

“My parents were uncompromising: they never got talked into something they didn’t want,” recalls Kathleen Staples. She is speaking of the late Tom and Nancy Staples, whose architectural masterpiece of a family home is now on the market in West Vancouver. Tom Staples once told his daughter that getting the house built was the most difficult ordeal of his life, yet also the accomplishment of which he was most proud. More …

2011 AWMAC BC Awards of Excellence

Among the recipients for this year’s Awards of Excellence handed out annually by the British Columbia chapter of the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada is architect Brad Lamoureux MAIBC. His firm, Lamoureux Architect Inc., was chosen for the Jack Sigurdson Award recognizing excellence in the design of architectural woodwork.

Is Postmodern Architecture on The Verge of a Comeback?

The movement peaked in the 1980s, but a comeback may be on the horizon
By Robert Campbell, Boston Globe
November 27, 2011

Why do fashions in architecture change so often? Buildings, after all, last longer than jeans. But they seem to go in and out of vogue almost as quickly. The question comes to mind because of a couple of recent omens that suggest we may be in for a revival of the style called postmodernism. More …