Architecture for Humanity has launched its 2011 Open Architecture Challenge, Titled [UN] RESTRICTED ACCESS, it invites architects and designers to partner with community groups across the world in developing innovative solutions to re-envision closed, abandoned and decommissioning military sites. The six-month competition requires architects and designers to work with the communities that surround these former places of conflict in order to transform hostile and oftentimes painful locations into civic spaces built for the public good. Can we re-envision the 750,000+ abandoned bunkers that pepper the Albanian landscape? Is there a second life for the recently bombed Libyan military strongholds? Can we use environmental diplomacy for a re-imagined Guantanamo Bay Detention Center? Is there a way to turn abandoned bases in Afghanistan into places of learning? The 2011 Open Architecture Challenge seeks to provide solutions to these unanswered questions. This is an open call to action – and the first of its kind. The design competition will be judged by an international, inter-disciplinary panel of experts, with entries made available and accessible to all via the Open Architecture Network (www.openarchitecturenetwork.org). The deadline for registration is March 31, 2012 with submissions required by May 1, 2012. For more information and to register, visit www.icebase.com/go2.shtml?XuJuBVUgWIElAeE1/54ce1d935565ba1f/78b81066078c6f14/dwiebe@aibc.ca.


Commercial Glazing Expertise

The AIBC seeks a subject matter expert to be part of a provincial working group examining commercial glazing and British Columbia’s Energy Efficiency Act. This is a short-term, voluntary assignment. This group has representation from the B.C. Ministry of Energy, the Glazing Contractors Association of BC, the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia and the AIBC.   The objective of the group is to advise on improving the tools available to designers in specifying commercial glazing in compliance with the legislation. Familiarity with act requirements for windows, specification writing and/or the Glazing Systems Specifications Manual are assets. If you are interested, please contact Practice Advisor Maura Gatensby MAIBC by phone (604-683-8588, ext.334) or e-mail (mgatensby@aibc.ca).