VISA: atmosphere

As part of its Artists Talks series, the Vancouver Island School of Art invites you to .”atmosphere”, and examination of new artistic concepts in contemporary European architecture. German architect Marie Ulber will address recent development in European architecture, particularly a growing interest in the perception of libraries, museum and other public buildings. UIber is a PhD student at Bauhaus University who is currently living in Victoria while working on her thesis. Her presentation will explore the concept of “atmospheres” and the tradition of creating spatial moods as demonstrated by artists, architects and other designers. This talk will consider the contrast between being in the presence of visual artworks and experiencing interior spaces such as domes, and pose the question: if arts offers a way of seeing the world, what is the task of architecture. This free, public event takes place Wednesday, October 12, 7:00 p.m. at VISA, 2549 Quadra Street, Victoria.

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