Urban Land Institute British Columbia – BC Place Tour: Go Behind the Scenes

For more than 25 years, BC Place has been an emblem of British Columbia. As the largest event facility of its kind in the province, it has hosted more than 26 million people since opening in 1983. There’s no doubt that the old BC Place has served the province well. There’s also no mistaking that parts of the stadium — especially the original roof — were fast approaching the end of their lifecycles. ULI invites you to go behind the scenes with guest speakers David Podmore and Roy Patzer of PavCo, as well as Doug Hamming MAIBC and Darren Burns of Stantec, to experience the soon-to-b-completed new BC Place. The $365 million upgrade includes interior improvements, a seismic upgrade and a cable-supported retractable roof that will turn the stadium into a new architectural signature for the province. Discussion topics will include rezoning challenges, overall master plan, future of the adjacent lands, construction challenges and lessons learned. It happens Tuesday, July 14, 2011, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. at the stadium (777 Pacific Boulevard). There is a fee of $20 with net proceeds donated to BC Children’s Hospital. A limited supply of guest safety equipment will be available; registrants are strongly encouraged to bring their own steel-toed boots, hard hat, safety vest and safety goggles. Register at https://netforum.uli.org/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx?site=ULIMC&webcode=DCouncilEventInfo&Reg_evt_key=3fdf7595-7171-4fc1-a220-d4a4451526b1&RegPath=EventRegFees.

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