Secondary Student Seeks Firm Experience

A Grade 12 student at Coquitlam’s Gleneagle Secondary is seeking an architectural firm placement as part of the school’s Work Experience 12 program. This program takes students out of the classroom and into the community for 90 hours of volunteer work (fully covered by WCB). The experience is designed to focus on a career that the student would like to pursue. This particular student has already taken Drafting & Design 11 and 12 and some art courses, and is hoping to gain insight into the architectural work environment. If you are open to providing a work experience for this student, please contact Gleneagle Work Experience Coordinator Doug MacLean at (604) 375-3684. For more information about the Work Experience 12 program, visit


Architects in Japan React to Tsunami

By Richard Waite, The Architect’s Journal
March 16, 2011

Architects in Japan have told the AJ how buildings which managed to survive last Friday’s (11 March) earthquake were simply swept away or gutted by the following tsunami. Takefumi Kamio of Tokyo-based Studio Duca said: ‘Many buildings withstood the earthquake but not the tsunami. Many reinforced concrete buildings were all right [sic] by earthquake and tsunami, but tsunami smashed all openings of buildings so all contents even dwellers were taken away.” More …


Tariff of Fees Suggestions

The AIBC is in the process of revising the Tariff of Fees for Architectural Services, and welcomes suggestions from practitioners for updating the following items:

  • Index of Building Types and Categories for Determining Recommended Net Architectural Percentage Fee Scale (page 28)
  • Sequence and Scope of Services Chart (page 42)

Please forward your comments to Practice Coordinator Ryan Dinh ( before Friday, April 1, 2011.