Member Advisory: Infrastructure Canada Documents Regarding Construction Schedule and Substantial Completion

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January 26, 2011

The AIBC has become aware of numerous requests being made of B.C. architectural firms that they sign Infrastructure Canada’s “Statement Concerning the Construction Schedule” and “Solemn Declaration of Substantial Completion” as well as similar documents. Note: both of these documents require architectural firms to provide services that are well beyond standard practice, and to make assurances outside of those which architects normally provide. Such assurances are inappropriate and potentially uninsurable. (Full Details Here)

Advisory Design Panel Applications

The AIBC routinely seeks applicants for its Advisory Design Panel Roster. Architects selected for the roster are then considered for nomination to various community-based advisory design panels. The objective of the process is to provide the British Columbia municipalities with an appropriate selection of architects prepared to provide objective advice that will protect the public interest in matters relating to the built environment. The Advisory Design Panel application form, recently revised to better serve our valued volunteers, is available on the AIBC website. AIBC Bulletin 65: Advisory Design Panels: Standards for Procedures and Conduct provides an outline of the objectives, criteria and procedures for nomination to and service on an advisory design panel. There is also a “Frequently Asked Questions” resource that offers information about serving on an advisory design panel. Note: a new policy requiring candidates to remain on the Advisory Design Panel nomination roster for two years is now in effect. For more information, including confirmation of roster status for previous applicants, please contact Practice Coordinator Ryan Dinh by phone (604-683-8588, ext. 314) or e-mail (

January 2011 Advisory Design Panel Appointments

The AIBC congratulates the following architects who have been appointed this month to serve on advisory design panels:

City of North Vancouver Advisory Design Panel:
Karen Graham MAIBC
Steve McFarlane MAIBC

New Westminster Design Panel:
Chris Block MAIBC
Paul Goodwin MAIBC
Eric Pattison MAIBC
Mark Vance MAIBC

Whistler Advisory Design Panel:
Tony Kloepfer MAIBC
Brigitte Loranger MAIBC
Bryce Rositch MAIBC

Thank you to all applicants expressing interest in volunteering to represent the profession.

Role Call: AIBC Investigations Committee

The AIBC is seeking an additional member for its Investigations Committee, which conducts investigations of unprofessional conduct complaints and makes recommendations to the institute as to how to proceed. The committee meets once per month (generally one summer meeting) for an afternoon. Members interested in contributing to the institute’s professional conduct process are invited to submit their expressions of interest with a brief biography or c.v. The AIBC believes that the public interest and the profession are best served by a committee that includes members with diverse backgrounds and experience. For further information or to submit expressions of interest, please contact Director of Professional Conduct & Illegal Practice Thomas Lutes at (604) 683-8588 ext. 321 or

Genetic Architecture

By George Dvorsky, Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies

January 25, 2011

Genetic architecture is an exciting, promising, and highly conceptual field that suggests we can bridge the gap between biology, artificial intelligence, and architecture. The end of result would see not just the integration of living and inert matter, but the radical transformation of the entire planet itself. More …